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Program of 2020 International Forum on Stem Cells Virtual Meeting

November 18-19, 2020

11/18/2020, Wednesday


Welcome Ceremony and Opening Remarks


I Keynote speech I


Tao Cheng

1.     Title: Remembrance of things past: turning on fetal hemoglobin to treat hemoglobin disorders for therapy

Speaker: Stuart Orkin

Harvard University, USA


II Stem cell gene therapy

(Each talk 25 mins, including 5 mins discussion)


Lee Grimes

Linheng Li

2.     Title: Programming and reprograming of aging

Speaker: Guanghui Liu

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

3.     Title: BCL11A enhancer editing for the beta-hemoglobin disorders

Speaker: Yuxuan Wu

East China Normal University, China

4.     Title: Transform cell and organ therapy using genome editing

Speaker: Luhan Yang

Hangzhou Qihan Biotech, China


III Stem cell diseases and target therapy

(Each talk 25 mins, including 5 mins discussion)


Nadia Carlesso

Min Wang

5.     Title: Bcl-xl PROTAC–A safer and more effective therapeutic agent for hematologic malignancies

Speaker: Daohong Zhou

University of Florida, USA

6.     Title: Hematopoietic stem cell heterogeneity is associated with myeloproliferative neoplasm

Speaker: Lihong Shi

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China

7.     Title: Anti-IL-2 preserves graft versus leukemia activity while preventing graft versus host disease

Speaker: Defu Zeng

City of Hope, USA


Lunch Break


IV Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

(Each talk 25 mins, including 5 mins discussion)


Simón Méndez-Ferrer

Bing Liu

8.     Title: Notch ligands orchestrate the generation of hematopoietic stem cells in the embryo

Speaker: Anna Bigas

Institut Hospital del Mar d'Investigacions Mèdiques, Spain

9.     Title: Engraftment of functional human hematopoietic stem cells in mice

Speaker: Claudia Waskow

Leibniz Institute on Aging, Germany

10.  Title: Multi-scale analysis of haematopoietic stem/progenitor cell function

Speaker: Bertie Göttgens

University of Cambridge, UK

11.  Title: Human haematopoietic stem and progenitor cell landscapes: location matters

Speaker: Elisa Laurenti

University of Cambridge, UK


V Tissue regenerative and repair

(Each talk 25 mins, including 5 mins discussion)


Terry Lappin

Ding Ai

12.  Title: Decoding the heterogenous vascular niche in lung regeneration

Speaker: Bisen Ding

Sichuan University, China

13.  Title: Developing cell therapies for vascular repair in diabetes

Speaker: Reinhold Medina

Queen’s University Belfast, UK

14.  Title: Revealing cellular heterogeneity, developmental trajectory and novel subpopulations with immune functions in megakaryocytes

Speaker: Jiaxi Zhou

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China

15.  Title: Mitochondrial transfer by mesenchymal stem cells as a strategy for lung repair

Speaker: Anna Krasnodembskaya

Queen’s University Belfast, UK

11/19/2020, Thursday


VI Keynote speech II


Linzhao Cheng

1.     Title: Regenerative medicine: current concepts and changing trends

Speaker: Anthony Atala

Wake Forest School of Medicine, USA


VII Regenerative medicine

(Each talk 25 mins, including 5 mins discussion)


Hideo Ema

Jinyong Wang

2.     Title: Hematopoietic stem cell expansion: developmental pathway and clinical results

Speaker: John Wagner

University of Minnesota, USA

3.     Title: Use of human pluripotent stem cells to identify novel regulators of immune cell activity

Speaker: Dan Kaufman

University of California at San Diego, USA

4.     Title: CAR-NK cells from engineered pluripotent stem cells: off-the-shelf therapeutics for all patients

Speaker: Shijiang Lu

HebeCell Corporation, USA


VIII Molecular mechanism and network

(Each talk 25 mins, including 5 mins discussion)


Jiwang Zhang

Jia Yu

5.     Title: RNA-binding proteins harness RNA and phase separation to modulate transcription in pluripotent stem cells

Speaker: Xiaohua Shen

Tsinghua University, China

6.     Title: Deciphering new mechanisms of HSC fate determination in vertebrates

Speaker: Feng Liu

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

7.     Title: Single-cell transcriptomes of blood cells and beyond

Speaker: Ping Zhu

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China


Lunch Break


IX CAMS-PUMC Webinar Series -- Belt and Road Leaders

(Each talk 25 mins, including 5 mins discussion)


Tsvee Lapidot

Hui Cheng

Lai Guan NG

8.     Title: An instructive role for IL7RA in the development of human B-cells and B cell precursor leukemia

Speaker: Shai Izraeli

Tel Aviv University, Israel

9.     Title: Gene editing and high-throughput functional genomics

Speaker: Wensheng Wei

Peking University, China

10.  Title: The aging of the blood system

Speaker: Liran Shlush

The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

11.  Title: Identify Pancreatic Islet Resident Progenitors

Speaker: Yi Zeng

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

12.  Title: Epithelial cell therapies for kidney disease

Speaker: Benjamin Dekel

Tel Aviv University, Israel


Closing Remarks