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Shi-Jiang (John) Lu, PhD, MPH, is currently the President and CEO of HebeCell Corporation, focusing on the development and clinical translation of regenerative medicine and cell therapy technologies, especially iPS-CAR-NK cells for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune and viral infectious diseases. Before establishing HebeCell, he was the Senior Director of Research at Advanced Cell Technology/Ocata Therapeutics. Dr. Lu is an expert in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine with 20 years of experiences. He has been conducting translational researches and discovery of novel therapeutic strategies utilizing human embryonic stem cells (hESC), induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and their derivatives. The goal of his research is to generate hESC/iPSC-derived products for the treatment of human diseases. He also has extensive experience in process development and large-scale production of human PSC derivatives under defined conditions for clinical trials.  Dr. Lu is the inventor of more than 20 patents in stem cell field: in an analysis of global stem cell patent landscape by Nature Biotechnology in 2014, Dr. Lu’s patent application and citation ranked No. 7 and No. 5, respectively.  In addition to stem cell research, Dr. Lu also has more than 10 years experiences in cancer research.  Dr. Lu received his BS degree from Wuhan University (1982), MS degree from Peking Union Medical College (1985), MPH degree from Columbia University (1988) and PhD degree from University of Toronto (1992).